Thursday, June 30, 2011

"lalang" performing


Although 9.5inch , i like him a lot : ) best part is his zebra dove sound! haha..!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Taimongs Gathering

One of the main thing i enjoy is to watch Taimong gathering : )
Its very cute to see how they pretend to be so garang and challenge each other when they don't know much ! haha..!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Super long tail Shama

Gem from DDS, he is "Max".Tail lenght around 15-16inch.
Basically, a shock to me when he said: alan take him home and breed! haha..! I don't think i said anything other then ok as i am in shock :p I guess he knows.. hee hee..!

This morning i put Max in a 27inch ( biggest cage i have)  to have a good look at him. I did not expect much from him as he had a suffer a big trauma yesterday cos he escape and ofcourse being chase by us for a very long time before we got him back! Phew..!

 I must say he is superb! Who says long tail don't play cage? See for yourself ! haha..! Don't blame the bird when you don't take care properly ya! Furthermore, this video is taken only after i had my share of enjoyment of solid ONE hour : ) so sorry ah! can only share with you guys the balance later part of Max performance :p ENJOY!

P. S its really a waste for the poor video quality : (

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gutsy body tighten liao

So Slender now ! I enjoy watching him for hours  :)

Breeding from wild female Shama

Few friends of mine is facing lots of problem with wild female shama when they try to pair up with their males.
The thing is, they are caught in the wild and immediately sold to bird shop without taming them. And those poor bird is highly stress out ever since being trap. Therefore, trying to breed them too soon will only cause trouble.

Give them some time to atleast rest and recover from those trauma. I would suggest a good 4-8months depends on birds ability, some birds get use to new environment pretty fast. But don't rush it ! As you might end up with a dead bird!

Tame and confident female is very important as they won't freak out easily when your male bird approach them. Placing a frighten female into the breeding avairy is basically asking for trouble as once the female freak out, for sure it will trigger attack instinct of the aggresive males. If that happen, the male with turn nasty and kill the female instead of breeding!

I hope this info will help to prevent unessecary loss of lives..

Sunday, June 19, 2011



到今天为止尾巴最长纪录是16寸也就是差不多40公分。身价也是非常昂贵的。一只优良品种的鸟宝宝低价从三千到六千元新币,现在的情况有点像到达疯狂境界原因就因为禽流感的关系。我国不再应许外国进口鸟类所以的确很缺货。。。不知道其他国家是否也面对同样的问题。在这我希望有更多的鸟儿爱好者与我们分享他们的情况以及养鸟的宝贵经验 :)

对了!最近我才发现在台湾,长尾其实挺不受欢迎的。哈哈。。! 好奇妙哦!我们亚洲几个国家都有很多长尾爱好者抢着买呢!果然同鸟不同命。。 嘻嘻!我希望慢慢的长尾在台湾接受,不需要再被列为有害之鸟 :(

最后, 我的汉字写的不好希望你们别介意哈!谢咯!

New bird care

Being thoughtful and sensentive towards the feeling of your new "Birdie family member" is very important .

Bird needs lots of time to adapt to new environment,so please give them time before any assessment made. Don't even try to chai the poor fellow at home. Just imagine i put you in other country and someone try to pick a fight with you the minute you arrived, how would that feel? Stress!

Being new to every thing and alone, they are already very very afriad and stress out so the only right thing to do is to half cover the new bird and put them in a quite corner for atleast THREE days. Personally, i only start bathing them when i hear the new bird singing soft song or i see they are relax. Reason why bathing is because shama love bathing on top of that it really cheer them up a lot. So if the new bird bathe then i will slowly proceed to introduce him or her to the rest of the birdie members.

I notice my birds tend to be frighten when i put on my shirt especially with sunglass on. It goes to show that even in the place that they are so use to they still freak out with slightest change. Just imagine new place, new face, more people, kids shouting and running, pet dog or cats etc...

Therefore i would like to remind those new owner to spare a thought for their new birdie. Don't do things that further stress the poor fellow out and blame the bird for being lousy or timid. Putting them into battle far before they even settle down will only make things worst! Only birds that feels relax will gain confidence follow by top form THEN they are able to perform or challenge in their battle field ! : )

That is my personal opinion, i believe there are much better ways out there : ) Please feel free to post comment to add on to the list so that i will be able to share with others : )

Friday, June 17, 2011

New member of the house " Potato" : (

Personally, why "Potato" ?????????????
I name him "phantom" such a nice name : ) but his "Grandfather" kaki call him potato :'( wonder if it means sweet potato AKA "dua hanzi" @! hahaha.......! who cares :p what ever name he has he is still my sweet baby : )

Oh! BTW! 6.5inch taimong tail potato i love it ! hee hee.....

Darfie and Timid's chick progress at 41 days

Looking Good ! haha...! So far i notice they belongs to slim and longish type of body, initially i wonder how come they so skinny??? Hee hee... later i realise its not under feed but more of their genes its just like that : )

Tail too looks good as it thin and curvey also at 41days, it looks to me they falls in the long tail type of growth ! which is very important to me :p i estimate they are about 3.5inch now with another 24days to grow : ) i hope to see them touching 5inch or above when complete : )

New breeding Pair looking good so far

Just got them couples of days ago.. male which i name him "Lalang" due his tail softness and female "Chestnut" due to her colour : ) they are a instant pair, both very ready. So its easy job for me this time!  :P

Thursday, June 9, 2011

For my Indonesia friend

Hello Indonesia kakis : )

I am so sorry that i couldn't speak bahasa . Please kindly write to my Email at :  in bahasa, i will translate and reply you as soon as possible : )


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Darfie and Timid Girl's babies pic

Some of the sweet moment !

"Zeppy" my new collection

Felt very happy whenever i look at him : ) Not a great bird as in tail lenght but the rest i love it! Nice figure great pose and thin prawn tail plus  mischievous charactor! I am indded happy enough for now : ) haha..! Hope he turn out well lo.. :p

Next pic its his brother from second clutch but his right leg toe has a bit of defect. Still! i won't mind keeping as this fellow is garang lor.. :p

hee hee.. just after bath lah.. !

Zeppy taimong tail drop today . length 4.3quarter inch.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Taimong for sale

Hi Guys,

I am letting go Darfie's son soon at $2.5k and another taimong at $1k due to toe defect.

Darfie is currently abt 8.5inch for his 1st molt, it might seems short but his 1st molt was done in bird shop without live food. Therefore i believe it should be at least 9inch if molt under my care : ) well, his brother which my friend is keeping has a 10.5inch tail on second molt, so by 3rd molt it will exceed 11inch for sure.

Darfie's wife "timid" belongs to to my other long tail shama breeder, she carries a 12-13inch genes. Base on this combination, i am confident and hopeful that their offspring exceed 11inch!

Now as i can see, all five taimong has good posture, curve and thin tails. I believe they will turn out very handsome : )

Interested kakis can contact me at 93827850, but pls don't sms : (


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Gutsy Boy join Competition ! hee hee.. !

On the 29th May morning Gutsy decided he is going for the Comp. Before that i was thinking of putting him in but he has been pretty quite for a couples of days. So i drop the idea, anyway he is only about seven months old not very good to put him out in battle field mah : ) else if he can't handle the stress and kong out ! i will be the one crying lor.. : (

Anyway, on that day itself. He perks up for no reason, singing and playing in his cage vigorously. What the hack! just bring him there and try our luck to see if we could get a ticket. Initially we fail to get any as all ticket sold out but my good friend is really very helpful going around to get ticket for us ! : ) Really salute the effort he put in for friends ! I would bare it in mind and start practice this rare find friendship from now on.. : )

Now a days we hardly spare much thoughts about all this details with friend but he had showed me otherwise. I hope in future more people will realise and cherish good friends around us ! Well! Because of my good friend, i get a chance to see how ready Gusty is when he behave the way he is whenever he behave in that manner. At least a Small Cuppa !! haha!

Since that day onwards, little Gusty is looking forward for more challenge! he sings loudly every day, pose and play cage any minite he get a chance to see another bird within sight. Infact last Wednsday just three day after competition day i bring him out since 11am all the way till i reach Bishan chai tio at 8pm which ends about 10pm. In my heart, poor fellow out the whole day he sure stress out badly. But i have to bring him along as i got no time to go home after work to pick him out. To my surprise he enjoy the night without stress : ) happy singing and playing ! No sign of stress nor tired :p

I am now looking forward to his next molt and hopefully become more mature and challenge with character rather then his kiddo play now : ) Anyway, its only normal for him to do so now and i don't mind him enjoying his childhood : ) in six months time he will molt and mature even more , by then i will miss his kid style behaviour : (