Saturday, March 2, 2013

Advance notice for Shama Taimong coming up for sale.

For year 2013 I intend to let go a number of chicks only keeping the minimum for myself.

I breed Shama for two reasons, one is to pass down the line of my favorite birds just in case anything bad happen. Second is of course being greedy hoping to get something even better than what I already have!

So right now most of the chicks is still under seven weeks old therefore I can't really tell much about tail length, structure and character. My intention here is to put up early notice so that keen Shama friends can start planning if they intend to add another Shama to their collections. They should be ready in two-three weeks.

I believe most friends who know my birds won't be too concern about the structure, character and songs, can't be too bad lah !!! Haha...! Anyway I guess what matters most is the potential tail length before you guys consider the rest of the credentials right?!

Ok, first of all I would like to briefly share how do I judge or guess the potential tail length from an captive bred long genes Shama taimong. Here I am going to use a very conservative approach to gauge tail length. For example: if I were to look at a Captive bred taimong and his tail has stop at 5" I will say most probably his first molt tail will be between 9"-10" conservatively 9" I would say. Therefore by second molt possibly 9.7" and third molt will be around 10.5". (Calculation guide= taimong tail -0.5" x 2 = est first molt tail length) whereas if the taimong first molt exceed 10" the subsequent increment will be around 1" to 1.5" depending on individual bird.

Like I said conservative approach and calculation. Quite often I see birds that grow tail longer than what I estimated. But of course you do have some below but very little. Special case if the bird landed in the inexperience owner who don't really know how to take care, the shortage can be as much as 3" ! I ever see before 14" after molt left 11" only.

Long genes Shama is some how different compared to the normal tail Shama, they need much more goodies during molt unlike normal tail type which can molt nicely even purely on dry pellets. So if you want to keep the graceful long long tail Shama you got to deal with longer bills too!

Taimong price will be between Sgd 4000 - 6000.

I understand that some might be worried what if the 1st molt tail length is way too short? I have yet to come across my taimong any shorter than 9" and I will be providing replacement should the taimong tail molted nicely but way below expectations(2" or more).

Keen parties please kindly leave a message here or you may also call me at 93827850 no SMS please...

Thanks for reading!

Alan Pang