Friday, December 30, 2016

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Ninja grand son

AP565 Dob: 17-09-2016

His father is AP465 Dob: 02-11-2015 son of Ninja. And Ninja is the son of Angrybird.

I like the smart look in the Bloodline, they all have the "sharp look" alert and very showey. When it comes to character they belongs to those that don't give in don't give up type of birds. 

I would say this outcrossing is satisfying every single time every generation is happiness for me 😊

Saturday, October 1, 2016

AP 391 son of Ninja

I name him "One tail" because he broke one of his primary tail for easy reference i always refer him as "one tail" so my helper knows which bird i am talking about 😂

He is a third generation outcross between captive and wild Shama. His grand father is a 10" wild bird which structure much resemble to Langkawi type. 

His father Ninja is very well like by many hobbist in asia with tail lenght of 11.5" on second molt. 

Ninja produce 6 male chick last year so far the quality is quite even, Raptor is the eldest  and One tail is second and the rest i didn't name them as i am getting lazy ! Haha....

I hope this coming molt i will be able to keep One tail as calm as possible for him to achieve best feathers quality possible but there with both tail intact in next molt his name how ??? 😂😂😂😂

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

AP 311 going into his second molt...


First molt I estimate maybe around 30cm(to be confirm once tail dropped) his younger brother AP 336 has a confirmed 33cm for first molt. 

Friday, August 12, 2016

Shama breeders take note

I notice many Shama breeders like to use big names in their blood lines.... 

Ask yourself, are you a breeder or are you just a follower ? 

Don't do that ! You can use anybodies male or female it doesn't matter ! Create something out of it! Call it your own, make it happen, something you feel proud of it.... 

We all can't avoid using all blood lines to cross to try create something better... ! But I personally look down on those who had no direction no Goal but name some big names to gain fame or income for themself.... 

Nobody is perfect and might fail on initial try out.... But I encourage those who try then those who ride on names to gain fame or income... Pleaseeee ! Don't ride on names and have no style of your own. 

Please be do what you think other breeders are lack of and outshine everyone one! This is what all hobby breeders should do to further improve Shama quality in Singapore! 

For those who purely ride on names, I can tell you ! You are only after money ! No challenge, no dignity, no pride 😊

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Thinking back.....

Quite a numbers of years has past, I gain a lot and lost some as I go. 

Well, I am glad that over the past few years my life has improved a lot thanks to all those that has lend me a hand when I am in need.... I do remember those moments of friendship. 

As for Shama knowledge I learning curve is very tight, within a few short years I learn a lot by learning from mistake and some pointers from all the senior Shama keeper. Without you guys I might take 10-20 years 😂 Thanks Guys ! 

It is very interesting when it comes to breeding them. Pairing, nesting, feeding, conditioning for competition etc.... There is so many methods around to learn... Especially competition ways of keeping it always bring my eyes and ears wide open when I meet up with those pro competition guys! seriously I doubt I won't take part in competition as my interest in keeping Shama wasn't to compete for title.... My birds are not that good hahahaha.....😁

Now that my life is more stable and also more complete with little Sky Pang (my son) I spend more timing gardening and wood working at home with the blessing that my wife Clara and I is always at home with the kids unlike others parents working 9-5. On top of that I get to fully enjoy my pets too ! 😊😊😊 

Thanks again for everything guys ! 

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Been many years

My wife has been there for me no matter what happens! Darling, Thanks !