Monday, January 31, 2011

Machie and Demure's baby

3 cute baby from the pair, i try to take pic record as much as possible.. lots of them but ofcause i can't possibily display all here.. somehow to upload pic not that user friendly leh. or maybe i don't know how to do it ??

self construct bird cage

This is my own build bird cage, with 2 trap door on the top. Happy Picture viewing !

Pretty Girl

Got pretty girl from a very nice uncle.. not cheap o.. : ( But worth every penny spend lah..

Darfie Duck form is coming .... akan datang!

eh... sorry for the lousy pic ah! flash light kenna the cage stick lah..

Punkie Head checking on the nest that Tom Boy build.

My little Punkie is a serious father now ....

Tom Boy

Got Tom Boy from YCK bird shop too.  I must admit i am confuse the next day after she got her bath . Cos all her greyish colour gone! Become solid black and at that moment i tot i got the wrong bird . she looks like a short tail male shama ! BUT !!! she is laying eggs now.. ! hee hee..

spotty girl

Got spotty from YCK bird shop too, why spotty? she has many discoloured white patches on the rear body and tail :) Oh ! she sings very well!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gusty boy

Got him from a local breeder, expensive taimong ! haha... but i more or less can tell he tail is going to be long .. i hope ! Now as a taimong, i think he has a 5" or 5.5" tail already.

Vitamin B deficiency PART 1

This is one of my taimong having seizure which i video down to share for knowledge purpose.. i found hin tilting its head backwards early in the morning , straight away i start to prepare the first Aid... lucky me ! still in time to save him..

Here you will be able to see how i carefully drip B complex on the beak but nearer to the head portion so that the droplet is away from the nose. Because they tend to tilt the head backwards, if you were to drip at the tip of the beak it might flow down towards the nose and cause more problem if inhaled

Vitamin B deficenicy PART 3

This video is taken about an hour later after Vit B complex is given, it stabilize and start to feed on kill crickets. he is still very weak and you can see he is in a small bucket with kitchen thick towel below to cushion the trauma.

Vitamin B deficiency PART 2

After giving B comp, he go into full swing ! i thought gone case ... really cross my finger !

Machie family at small house

when the taimong start to take flight i realise i am in potential trouble if i still let them stay in the room. Reason being, taimong has no sense of HEIGHT !!! I hope you get what i mean ...

Punkie head

Haha! Punkie is a little rascal i get from katong bird shop about 6months back. super cute fellow, will stand on your hand and take his own sweet time to eat whatever is in the hand! got his name Punkie is bcos he is in the midst of molting, all spikey but feathers still not out yet!

 Not bad of how the little punkie turn out to be : )
The only setback is his short tail, other then that i think he is one great Shama to have at home. He is very one kind type, big ego little rascal !

Demure Girl

Got Demure from Yio Chu kang bird shop about 4 months back, very sweet but fearless girl! only she can control my Machie !

darfie duck

i got darfie from a bird shop in bedok res, he is about 5month i would say as he is 80% done with his 1st molt, hmmm ... just abt a month ago.

machie boy

Machie is with me since taimong, now he is almost 2years old. Very playful yet perform very well in chai area.. i must say i am suprise as thats is the 1st time me and machie visit chai area. He sang for two hours non stop, i guess he must be very happy there.

Monday, January 10, 2011

About my Shamas

Hello , I have 6male 4female shamas and 3new born taimong and still counting ...( so it make it 13birds! OMG! ) .. all of them have names! haha..! well, without name its kinda hard to tell others about them right?? even i got confuse sometimes! Alamak !

This batch of shama just restart after almost 20years . i first started keeping shama when i was about 15years old back in kampong time in punggol but sadly both go to the arms of God every soon.. lack of experience i must say! since then i never try again.. lately, thanks to internet i have learn a lot on shama keeping and i give myself another chance to try again. Keeping my finger crossed! It a success this time round! phew..!

will describe one by one of them in details later when i have more time to write with my broken english : (