Monday, March 28, 2011

My three normal tail shama pairs..

Lao Da and Spottie is already in his new home with new owner, Machie ,Demure ,Punkie and Tom boy soon will join Lao Da in the new home.

I do not know how to express how i feel now... Part of me feels sad as i would still want to keep them if i have a bigger place. On the other hand by looking at their new home, i am glad it is much bigger and nicer.

I hope the new owner treats them better than i do..

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Arguement between a boy with two uncle :p

This video just taken mins ago... out of the sudden this three started challenging each other so i close all windows and put the three together to let them argue all they want!

1, Gusty the "boy" right side, supposed 12-13inch shama. I will wait and see after his 1st molt, from there i will roughly know..

2, Lao Da, the of the "uncle" center . Three years plus bird, center as he can handle stress well.

3, Wild Boy the other "uncle" left side. Seems like my ADE supplement working on him. Start to play a bit now.

The rest are punkie in his house, machie's 2nd batch taimong in ladong and spottie with kids .....

Machie's 2nd batch babies looks great!

Lately i have been trying new ways of feeding taimong... it seems that the result is very good! Its nothing high tech, i just spend more money on their food mixture. The difference is a big gap between 1st and 2nd batch. the 2nd batch looks even brighter, active, great colour and glossy etc..
 2nd Batch
 2nd Batch
 1st Batch
 1st Batch
1st Batch

11inch wild bird

I call him Wild Boy, got him when his tail just drop. Due to lack of knowledge, i did not wait for him to finish his molt proceed bring him home right away.

Now i have to wait for one whole year for a set of pretty tails when next molt.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Darfie and Timid Girl eggs has to be incubated.

I have transfer their 5eggs into incubator as i thought Timid is unfit to brood her eggs. She needed rest and restore her own nutrition level.

I think it was about 15th march, i saw timid came out of her nest box for food. Looks very bright to me but kinda over active!

So for birds, this is the first time i encounter. I was looking at Timid and wondering in my mind... This girl strike 4D ??? why so happy and jumping around?

Next i realise she couldn't grip the perch properly, now it explain why she so hyper. From what i know from dog breeding, some breeds like westie tend to suffer calcium deficiency during breast feeding. This can easily kill the bitch within 20mins! One of the tell tale sign is hyper active, salavation, helplessness, unable to calm down.

Immidiately i trick her into a small cage to prevent her going back into nest. From there i start giving her froglet with injected calcium and recover within hours. And thanks to my friend for his reassurance..

29th March 2011

Darfie's egg hatch two days ago but only left one. Four of them failed....
Now Timid is sitting on the second clutch of four eggs.. i hope it will turn out well : )

Friday, March 18, 2011

Lao Da and Spottie chicks has emerge.

Happy to see their chicks emerge today. Was a little worry about their parenting method cos Spottie is still young and always stay outside during brooding compared to Demure.

Demure is really a great mother, her offspring always come 1st before herself. Seeing her i often feel a little heart pain for her. During brooding i hardly see her come out and i have to make extra effort to feed her at her nest box.

As for Spottie , its the other way round. I pity her chicks! haha...! This little blur mother tends to forget about her eggs or chicks. Often i see Lao da staying at the entrance of nest box, turning his head and call for spottie to brood! Don't believe?? its true.. !

Ever since hatch, Lao da is feeding the chicks 80% of the time. Spottie only feed when she feels like it.  What a sotong mother!

This morning 18.03.2011 at about 10am the 1st chick flew out. Not only Spottie get a shock ( she really freak out! ) me too!!!!  Cos she started attacking the chick when her own chick go near her ! Ofcourse she is not being vicious, the actual fact is she just don't know what to do and its just her basic instinct to fight back when something alien confront her suddenly.

For me a got a shock but very quickly i laugh out loud! As after she ran away from the so call "alien" she turn her head and look at her own alien again and she start to think twice! Only after that second or third look she realise that is her own baby! haha!

Immdiately i see Laoda panic prepare food for that young one... slowly Spottie join in cautiously. But she will still jump upwards if her baby make any sudden movement.

So cute ! I thought only some sotong puppy's mummy have this problem. Even new mummy bird got frighten by their own chicks too!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

It is a wrong concept for anyone to presume female is less worthy!

Lately i got may calls looking for female Shama...

What make me feel disgused is those people thinks that a female bird should be dirt cheap. Hey! They too came from the same parent man! Please don't ignore the greatest effort to care for the chicks is the Mother! And only with good natured mother then they are able to produce and care for the "so call priced MALE"

I know i might piss some guys out there... but please ! Don't try to breed if you are one person with those kind of mindset. Cause you don't deserve it.

Its not that i don't part with my females.. not that they are great. Just that i won't sent any of my bird to "hell" to those bad wanna be "breeder".

In my other write up, i have said before. If you don't intend to treat whatever you are breeding well. Don't expect to see result! And don't waste another innocent life due to your jam up mindset.  

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hand Feed Taimong

This two cute little ones is about five-six days old, its my first time hand feeding chicks. They are the baby of punkie : )

 Day 5
 Day 5
 Day 4

Day 3

day 9
day 9

21st March

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hand feeding chicks

Kinda sad as i loss a baby chick today, she is very weak since hatch. I suspect it could be due to mother's intake of proper nutritions... I have now place a cage next to their avairy so that i can isolate the mummy while giving froglet... my vitamins is inside froglet because it contain liquid better then crickets. Further more crickets is the stable food for the birds therefore crickets is not a good choice for me.. i will do that for a week before letting the pair to mate again.

Crickets Breeding

I harvest my own crickets couple days ago.... indeed a lot of them! Round about five kilo gram i would say.. this picture was taken after i remove two layer of the egg tray and still lots of them in there..

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shama breeding pairs to let go.

I am letting go 3 pairs of my Shamas, Machie ,Lao da and Punkie head. All 3 pairs is pretty good, almost everytime 4 eggs each time. Machie 3rd now,Demure is brooding now. Lao da 4 chicks abt a week old ( second batch) . Punkie also second batch about 3 days old. All 4 chicks this time. Selling price is $1k-$2k depends on which pair or taking all... interested please call me at 93827850.

P.S babies not included unless special arrangement.

1, Lao da and spottie girl. $1800

2, Machie and Demure. $1600

3, Punkie head and Tom boy. $1300.

Some might say its cheaper to get seperate male and female to pair themself from the bird shop. Well, those who had tried and loss multiple female will only understand why it is at this price tag.. Pairing Shama is not as easy as pairing dog i would say.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Shama price seem to be one way ticket!

For the pass two to three years i notice the price of good Shama sky rocketing!

A taimong with potential of 12inch tail is at least $4,000, which as a buyer we still have not see the end result yet. All we know is the father's tail lenght and thats all... i was with Mr xxxxx on sunday, we pay a visit to one of the shama breeder. Initial plan is to see a taimong that i like with the father's tail of 15 inch...but at the end up he bought a 1st molt shama instead.  If i am not wrong, its tail is about 11-12.5inch i think.. nice bird i would say but when the price is set and eyes just couldn't close! $7K ! As friendship price ! ( i was thinking it would be lower, but thats not the case even for him ) Just can't imagine how much it would be if not friend?? Wow.... !

No wonder some say Shama is a high end bird, its status is indeed up there! Well, i must say its really hard to find shama with long tails now a days.. remember a year ago when i go around all bird shop looking for it and the only answer i get is "almost impossible to find" !!! With the new BAN of certain SongBirds make it even harder now a days... but still haha.... ! I heard some Malaysia,Thailand and vietnam hobbist is also trying to buy from Singapore, that goes to show that even our nearby countries also can't get good Shama too! Where did all the Good Long Tail Shama go??? hmmm........

Machie and Demure 3rd batch

Yesterday i was just telling David that i remove the four chicks from the parents as i felt Demure is going to lay egg soon. This morning 1st egg is laid! Lucky me, if i delay the removal of chicks then i will have problem removing them today.

And also David, if you do read my "Blog" i will like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the Brand New Brooder!! Really appreciate your generous gift and all the advice on Shama Breeding : )

Thursday, March 3, 2011

At last a positive pair emerge..

Lately having difficulties in pair some birds ... somehow timing is out no matter who with who.

Been trying Wild boy with either Pretty Girl or Timid Girl but lots of mix signal from that weird fellow. Sigh.. he is indeed tricky to read his mind. Now Pretty Girl has commence full molt, from a ready bird try till she molt! Ha!

Good oso, maybe its time to take a break for the birds and give me a chance to conditions them even better during this time...

On the other hand, the pair that i least expect is Darfie and Timid !
Darfie is very young boy, i am not even sure if he is mature enough. Timid, i think her name tells everything. To me she is never ready, kinda young naive little girl.. wonder if she knows whats going on... ( i don't know her age) Anyway, i was just trying my luck with them. Putting gentle fellow living together, they can stay together without friction why not??

So i eat full too free (as quoted by Jeff) haha ! Sitting on the sofa nothing to do so i open their (Darfie and Timid's room) door to see what they do during the boring day.. Ah ha! My little girl is trying to build her nest ! The little so call husband even help out man! SOOOOOOOO SWEEEEEEET ! I just sit there and smile, feeling is just like gratified father watching his kids !

Can't wait to see their offspring ! Darfie father is a 11incher and Timid genes is 12-13inch, so i hope their "products" is 10inch and above!