Monday, May 30, 2011

Clarification for Shama kakis..

Lately, i have been telling many Shama kakis the same thing over and over again. So i guess it will be better to write it here so that the potential caller or the person who intend to sms me regarding the same issue will be answered by reading this : )

Ofcourse i am very grateful for those who bought my previous normal tail taimongs and have been spreading great comments about my taimongs. I am glad "they" (taimongs) made you guys a happy owner ! I will continue to breed the next better quality Taimongs with my limited knowledge and share my knowledge with my kakis whenever needed :)

But I have to say , i no longer have anymore normal tail Taimong for sale except those 2 that i intend to keep till their 1st molt. So i hope new shama kakis could understand. Its not that i increase my selling price due to great demand, the fact is i no longer breed normal tail shama( 7-9inch tail). All my normal tail breeding pairs has gone to their new house : )

Whatever Taimongs i might have in future will only falls into the price range of $1500 to $4500 or above as their parents are of tail lenght within 11-13inch. As for the 2 that i have which father is 9inch, their price range is $1000- $1500 and i will let them go to someone close to me so that i am able to see them often.

I hope this have write up will clear things up and save the effort of potential shama kakis so that their calls/sms will not go in vain with disappointment : )

Apppreciate your time in reading this !


Alan Pang

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A big loss today as one of my female pass away.

She had egg binding 3days ago, given calcium drops couple of times but the egg still stuck till next day. I have tried using hot steam method, warm water therapy... at the end the egg only come out by slow and careful massage, still i loss her due to egg broke inside her causing infection ! : (

Sometime breeding Shama is like so easy but at times you will face all kinds of shit all at one go.

Many would say why didn't you give supplement?  Which breeder would save on this i would say : ) i do not know much about other breeder, but i know for my own breeding birds! Super fussy fellows ah!!! Just for Vitamin itself i have to change so many methods so many time to trick them to take what is good for them! By nature the female are supposed to react to body needs and start taking in more on certain food example frog and fish for calcium... but well, most of my female does that except 2blur mummy : ( which is one of them i loss today ... i even tried injecting calcium into roaches which i am afriad most! But no choice as that is what she like most : ( And they are so sensitive to that extend even injected they can taste it ! Therefore you will still see Mr dead roach on the floor in the evening.

I have now 3 types of calcium at home with difference taste and seem like none of them is approved by my DARLINGSSSSS ! I mean birds , don't get me wrong :p

For the past three days i have read at least 20 articles about calcium issue and althought most of them 80% talking about the same thing but i still go on to read without skipping any words as i was afraid of missing out on some small print which might help me save her... At the end of the day, my only gain is that I have read 5 times more words in my whole life which i am glad i did not fall asleep!

P.S there is no objective in this write up  as i am just as loss as what i have written here .

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gusty boy form coming up slowly

Its about time for him to show sign of form. Brought him to Bishan just about a week ago but he did sing nor display. The next day he started singing and more as days pass by, today i put him in cage striaght away he pose for me : ) at least something to enjoy for now else i will be so bored at home.. : ( can't wait to see how he is when he is top form !

Friday, May 20, 2011

Regarding lastest Taimong pic.. .

Since i post his picture, i have recieved many calls and also lots of nice comments from friends whom some bought my other taimongs.. indeed this chick suprise me with his tail lenght, i suspect his tail might turn out longer then his father..

Well, only time will tell as i have yet to see the outcome. I think its best that i clarify it on my blog. His father is a 9 inch bird, so naturally i won't be selling him at 400-500 range . Plus initially, i tot he is my one and only male chick which is why from the start i never mention him to anybody cos i have no intention to put him up for sale.. just wanna to keep him till he molt then i will let go after that.. but realise two days ago i have one more from the second clutch ! : )

Its hard to sex the chicks when they are very young.. all along the chick from the second clutch is a female to me till two days ago i saw solid black spot on his neck and top of his head... right now i would say he is about 5weeks old therefore there is still a long way for him to grow his tail..  once he stop i will put him up for sale.

Will try to take some pics of him once he is done : ) Hopefully even longer than his elder brother :P haha... !

Friday, May 13, 2011

5 little precious from Darfie and Timid

After 4 failed clutches finally a positive result!
All kind of weird problem i face with the 1st few clutch. As i have mention before in my blog, timid seems pretty weak ... she suffered twice calcium deficiency and also her eggs is pretty thin shell compared to the rest of my breeding female.

Tried calcium suppplement with D3 , increase frequency of multi Vitamins , egg yolk, cuttle fish bone, cod liver oil etc... at the end of the day i only get result after i shift the couple to another area with morning sun light!

Well, i guess nature works best ! And please don't ask me why sunlight as i won't be able to explain in any form of "chim" logic :p I only know that sunlight is really good for many living things, they just need it .. haha!

Now, as for the chicks i have 5 out of 5 hatch! Its something i wouldn't expect from her ! well, thanks to the magic sun :) I still can't tell how many males or female just yet as you may be able to see the last chick is very small in size comparing to the rest.. Almost lost that little fellow on the second day after he or she hatch.. But for this clutch, i hope all are female :p  hehe... ! cos their mother is a breeders bird, which she is carrying a long genes of 12-13inch as what her breeder claims! Therefore it is going to be a great help if all of them is female, i believe many new breeder like myself understands the odds of getting any long genes female now adays.. !

Thanks for reading ! : )

Photo taken today .. i think there is 2 darfie Junoir,3 timid junoir.. got to remove them from parent as father is "in the Mood" so it might pose some danger to my 5 precious .. haha!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wild Boy and Pretty girl Paired!

At last! Been a tough pairing for months...
Either wild boy molt or followed by pretty girl molt, after that no form,guard food, uncertainty,interested and loss interest, you name it i faced it!  All this has been going on for months already, so much till i am considering removal of wild boy as my breeding stock.

Lately, i notice his form coming up showing more interest in mating.  Started since he came back from katong bird shop.. he start to inspect nest, doing the flight pattern in the aviary, try mating pretty without courtship and prewarn... so the moment he is near, pretty girl will avoid to another corner therefore it will not have any good out come!

Today, 1st may 2011.
I arrange for vehicle so that i can bring him out hoping that he will be in better form to do a proper courtship with pretty girl. I brought him to Bishan Chai tio today, he is performing pretty good i would say but ofcourse not good enough for me to think that it makes the trick for pairing...

Just when i was about to reach home ( finger cross regarding the courtship thingy) i got a call from my friend. Offering to breed them for me! That is unbelieveable i must say! It is far too much trouble and responsibilty for someone to offer such a favour... he is breeding his own birds now, so if my birds were to go to his house it will only cause trouble for him. Sigh! i was very touch by the offer but reluctant to do so as not to take friends for granted. And also i might be too poor to even buy prata lor... ; p

Anyway! Back to main topic, so he insist i oblige.. hee hee... sound good huh?? Well, i bring both birds to his house in the afternoon. He 1st let the female in to his 6star indoor aviary,followed by placing one of his male bird beside to test the form of the female. Female pass his detailed test, next he open up wild boy's cloth and just comment that his form haven't reach his top. I totally agree as i know this boy very well. Just suprise that even this he can tell that all...

Less than 5mins he remove his male bird and let wild boy into the aviary without hesitation. From then on, wild and pretty surprise me non stop. the boy did his court ship and the girl face him readily without fear, soft song,nest inspection by both of them and lastly bathe! Instantly i know very thing settled!

What the **** ! Seriously, thats what i am thinking in my mind! This two bloody kid of mine make me look super stupid lor!!! although me no expert lah! But! but! but! i can't be that lousy rite! I,I,I .... really don't know what to say about this! Just open mouth big and speechless... maybe they are being polite to the host?? respect for the host?? haha..!

So ! My own analysis is:
1, bigger and taller aviary aids in the way that both birds won't feel cornered hence more relax.
2, new environment triggers it.
3, subtantial/heavy weight challenge b his bird.
4, all the above!

And i just got a call from my friend 10mins to ten. Both birds has perch together liao! Great news but worried at the same time. Reason is because its too fast to furious! Therefore if pretty were to build nest the next day and complete it within a day as my friend predicts , the 1st few eggs will be infertile due to female over ready.

Lets see what happens and i will update here once there is news about them.  :) 

Thanks For Reading Bros... please feel free to comment : ) But NOT my english ah! Already self proclaim lousy writer liao .... Haha!