Sunday, February 10, 2013

Incubating and Handfeeding

For those who is facing egg throwing or chick killing issue.

As Breeder we often have precious eggs or chicks wasted due to unstable pairs. The more precious it is the more it haapen right???

Now to cut my story short i will go straight to the point. Please bare in mind that different country might it some adjustment, i am sharing what i do in Singapore which is more humid.


Incubating period 10-12 days.
Tempreture best at 37.4 celcius.
Humidity 80-90% all the way.
Turn the egg 5 times per day for appox 8 days, do not turn 2-3 days before hatch.
(if you can't remember date, just stop turning when it is total darkness inside when candled)


Due to Temp or Humidity or for some reason you have chick crack through but did not emerge and died in shell?

Normal case once they crack the shell they should be out within 4 hours in my case. Although some might take a longer time you really won't know if they are the special ones who will still emerge without help.

What i normally do is:

I will observe the progress up till six hours at max.
Should you see healthy progress ( crack line extend) leave it.
But if it is still that tiny hole without further extending the crack line since four hours ago, i will then asisst to crack along and slightly above the air sac membrane.
so that i still can keep the chick alive inside the membrane just incase misjudgement.