Monday, May 14, 2012

White Shama Shama-Singapore " Badboy"

Badboy drop his second Primary tail today which is two days after his first Primary tail drop. A little concern because for best equal lenght effect, the both tail should drop on the same day or just one day delay. Now i am keeping my finger crossed....

The whole project of Badboy "hand tame" is to see if a hand tame shama can be as good as semi wild type when it comes to Chai-ing with other shamas or even Competition. I know what have been said about "handtame" cant be as good. Reason because they are too used to human and loss their basic instinct to fight or challenge for position with other birds which it make lots of practical sense.

For having such a small little "project" of my own, i am not out to challenge the senoir out there but the aim is to have fun in keeping birds and at the same time to try out different methods of bird keeping. Should i succeed in doing so i think it would encourage more Shama keeper to try out and enjoy a even closer bond with their birds and still enjoy what have been there all a long... I hope it all turn out well : )

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Weekend gathering with close friends ...

Sunday late afternoon, four of us will always try our best to make time for such get together. We all prefer to enjoy the afternoon coffee, the companies, song which produce from our birds and topics which come naturally.

Very close friends, 100% relax without the need to "make small talks" it all just flow... somehow there is endless things we all can talk about, exchange ideas, knowledge, direct comments about each others Shama, helpout each other whole heartedly... and many more. Personally, i look forward to every weekend get together with them.

Everytime we meet we will each bring 1-2 birds along, with lesser birds we are able to listen to their song better and it does not give that "noisy" feeling compared to far too many birds singing at the same time. And frankly we do get that "noisy" feeling back in our own hse anyway :p haha! So instead of going to places to get the many birds singing effect, we needed the other way round for the clear sound effect. Enjoy!!