Thursday, December 6, 2012

Breeding Trouble shooting

Year 2012 is pretty great for me in some ways.

The good part is that i got a few outstanding new fellow added to my Shama platoon.
Great display, Character fierce, structure, some has nice curvey tail and mostly 10 -11" for 1st molt too!

The bad is..... some others has either stress marks or tail jammed thre quater way through molt or refused to molt! cryingNot good to have too many singing adult at home ya!

My new breeding season just started, the 1st egg of this new season has been thrown out by the female. The pair i put them in a room without other birds and yet due to the disturbance from other room it still happens. Today i manage to stop her from throwing and remove the egg for incubation early in the morning. It is the second egg so i expect there will be two or three more to go...

Addition to that i would like to highlight how to prevent Psychology side effect to the breeding pair should there is a need to remove eggs DUE to throwing.

If possible one should not disturb the birds but Captive breeding some time it is not as easy. Not that Captive breeding cause the egg throwing, just that in the wild they throw eggs or abandon nest we don't see thats all...

For me, until i see that pair throw eggs or kill chicks then i will interfere with minimun Psychology side effect to the pair. What i do is i will set up Cam and observe in another room ( not squating next to their avairy). Once i see the female emerge from the nest, i will walk (do not rush in as our body language might send fear signal to them) into the room with insects which they like most and lure the pair into another cage therefore i am able to bring the pair into another empty room(without other birds) to prevent them watching while i retrieve the egg while they enjoy their goodies! Hopefully without seeing me "snatching" away their eggs they might stop this instinct"bad habit" on the next clutch.

If anyone remove nest or eggs right infront of the pair i am afraid the Psychology damage will be a permanent one.