Tuesday, April 24, 2012

White tail female taimong molted with White tail

Two months ago while she is having her taimong coat, she has white tails.
I am glad but at the same time i ask myself if i did something wrong that affect her tail colour.
was thinking about nutrition, Deworming, or sunlight factors... well, the only way to find out is to pay more attention to her diet and care and then..... wait for her to molt!

So! she finish her body molt. Now i can confirm it is in her that the tail will be white.
Haha! i can really be happy now!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nice picture of Shama

DDS 2012 chicks from Pretty Boy, both of them tail exceed 6"

Camera quality does matters!

Because of our birds, most of us has been taking lots of picture. But for me somehow i am always not quite happy with the results.

No matter how i try, i am unable to produce the picture that speaks for the bird. Often the picture seems "dead" or dull which is so much different from the bird itself. Although photography skill does play a big part in the quality but a lot still depends on the Lens.

DDS showed me some Picture he take over the weekend with his new Cam that has fantastic "anti shock" ??? and something something?? haha! Too much Cam lingo which i do not know what he is telling me about ! ?

Anyway, one thing for sure is that picture tells me everything about its subject! The quality of the bird and even the character is clearly shown to me.... AND the Camera's quality ofcourse! That goes to show a good camera with good lens plus a "so so" Camera skill can also produce wonderful picture!

Must get one some day!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

2012 Gutsy and Chicks

This year 1st Clutch of chicks which i don't have to hand feed!!!
Due to my house conditions, i often have to hand feed and hand feeding is indeed very very time consuming and stressful for me... I am glad this pair is still able to feed their chicks under such pressure : ) Yeah!