Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Badboy" reaches 8 weeks old today

His Brother from the 1st clutch AP114 (01-01-2012,11weeks and 2 days old today) has complete his body molt and now the tail has started molting. The funny thing about him is he drop his white little tail starting from the shortest towards his Primary tail.... so now he only left with Secondary and primary still intact. hehe... he look like a "Black Tailed" Shama now ! :p I eagerly waiting for him to drop his Primary so that i can measure the lenght.

As for "Badboy" born on 24-01-2012, 8weeks by now. I measured his tail at 6inch as of today.

Wondering if he is still growing tail so i check his butt! haha..! it is actually checking so call folicles site : P  I was told by DDS should the tail is still growing, you will be able to see the "shield" thingy at the root of the tail feather.. So the "shield" is still there, which means it will still grow a little more : ) yeah!

26 March 2012

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Badboy Pic 13.03.2012

He is one of the Gutsy's son from 2nd clutch AP117.
Just trying out some against the norm ways of keeping Shama to see being so close to them will it affect their "instinct" or "aggression" or even capability to compete in Shama Competitions.

By exploring i will definitely gain more knowledge on why some things can or cannot be done in keeping Shamas. At the same time i will also learn more things about their behaviour and maybe there will be something good that i can share with Shama hobbist later?

So far, he is about 5weeks old. I choose him because he is one chick that is still not afriad of me after they learn to eat by themself. Normally, most birds will start to stay away from our hand once they are independant and many will even be very afraid of your hand!

But for him he still mantain the closeness which trigger my thoughts of keeping him in a different way. So far since two weeks old till now he has been staying in my room having free flight only in the evening up till 11pm or so. I was half hearted to tame him initially as we all know birds like them will eventually distance themself from us because they are lone ranger...

While trying to hand tame him, i constantly remind myself to not let him think that he is "human" so i will make it a point to let him stay in my "Birds" room for up to three hours per day so that he don't lost touch ..

Observation so far is still pretty good, not much different compare to his siblings. He does respond and challenge just like a normal Shama ! : ) Except he is more comfident with human persence whereas the rest would stop singing when i approach. At times i also will play with him Tug of Wall, what i so is i roll up some tissue or paper and tie with a string. Its really fun!

Now a days he respond to my command more effectively too! Below is a link to his video, enjoy!