Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gutsy's 1st clutch chick AP 114

This is Gutsy's 1st Clutch chick, i think by now( one month and 28days old) he should have finish growing his taimong feathers. In fact last week his body has already started molting to adult coat while his taimong is still growing. I had a hard time taking photo of him as he is not close to me. Will put up a clearer pic later he when he is more stable. smile

Picture taken today. 29 feb 2012


AP114 tail has stop growing.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Upcoming Shama Competition

Singapore Shama Club bird competition will be held at Marina Mandarin Hotel Level 5 On Sunday 18th March 2012 at 9am.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Taimong start molting at 6weeks old..

This is Gutsy's this year's son, DOB is 01.01.2012 which make him 6weeks old now. Took him out from the Ladong this morning and notice his head and wings have many new feathers coming out. Being still new to Shama i do not know if this ever happens before. I check the tail and the tail is still growing because on the calamus area there is still a section of shell like thing which means the growth is still in progress. And also i notice the primary and secondary tail is still the same lenght as the longest white tail. So i wonder how come they start the body molting so early?? hmm...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

White Tail female Shama

Weird Things Happens!
Nutritions, food and care is all as per normal.. At first  i thought primary tail drop off but at closer look, there is a very thin black line in the middle stem of the tail. Plus if tail drop, how about the secondary tail?? they should still be there right?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Gutsy 2012 2nd clutch taimong

This is one of the chick from Gutsy, i am getting a bit bored as i am home bound due to hand feeding, so i decided to grab one of his male chick to play around with the idea of hand tame Long genes Shama ! hehe... ! Some hobbist might disagree with what i am doing, but please don't be angry with me ya ! : ) I have too many "normal behaviour" Comp Shama but i have zero hand tame Shama : ( so just have some fun with it for time being :p Lets see if hand tame type can perform during competition okie?? haha..!

25th Feb 2012 Updates

As he grows he show more attitude