Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Thinking back.....

Quite a numbers of years has past, I gain a lot and lost some as I go. 

Well, I am glad that over the past few years my life has improved a lot thanks to all those that has lend me a hand when I am in need.... I do remember those moments of friendship. 

As for Shama knowledge I learning curve is very tight, within a few short years I learn a lot by learning from mistake and some pointers from all the senior Shama keeper. Without you guys I might take 10-20 years 😂 Thanks Guys ! 

It is very interesting when it comes to breeding them. Pairing, nesting, feeding, conditioning for competition etc.... There is so many methods around to learn... Especially competition ways of keeping it always bring my eyes and ears wide open when I meet up with those pro competition guys! Haha....buy seriously I doubt I won't take part in competition as my interest in keeping Shama wasn't to compete for title.... My birds are not that good hahahaha.....😁

Now that my life is more stable and also more complete with little Sky Pang (my son) I spend more timing gardening and wood working at home with the blessing that my wife Clara and I is always at home with the kids unlike others parents working 9-5. On top of that I get to fully enjoy my pets too ! 😊😊😊 

Thanks again for everything guys ! 

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Been many years

My wife has been there for me no matter what happens! Darling, Thanks ! 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Rocket is flying high....


Rocket is one of my favorite bird and I believe he is many of many Kakis favorite too! Haha...

He is slightly more than a year now I think ,can't remember and lazy to check record at this hour. Ha! 

Even before he could breed he babies already has many keen owner waiting but all of them including me did not get any last year... Sad :( 

BUT ! This year he has prove himself to be super father ! So far I had 11 baby from him and counting... Hee hee! I hope his baby would inherit more of his genes carrying down his aggressive play and nice structure ya! Let's keep our finger cross for now.... 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

2015 season

Working double hard.... It is really not easy.... Very tired lately....!