Sunday, January 25, 2015

AP299 Rooster's Son

A bit of happy things to mention

 I am glad the AP131 as a young bird is fighting as hard as he can for his owner my close friend Tatt from Penang.... 

And I want to thank him for putting so much effort and trouble... Bro Tatt you are one good person that you standby your own judgement in birds than to follow rumors... You truely have my respect... 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Happy 2015...!

Year 2014 I have produce some interesting shama. They are Rooster, Rocket,Casanova, Angrybird and Angryboy etc...

Out of this few well liked birds.... Rooster ,Rocket, Angrybird and even Angrybird's son earn their recongition by YouTube video without me saying much about them. I felt very happy and relieve that hard work has proven.

As everyone knows, I don't really bring my birds out to any bird arena as they are more for my own enjoyment at home. I seldom mix around nor do I reach out for people to tell them how good they are... Even when I share their video on YouTube: (Rocket's video) , (Rooster and Rocket's video) , (angrybird son's video at 4months old) The introduction of the video is often short and sharp so that I don't overstatement of what they are..... I just share the video and let the viewer tells me if my judgement are the same as everyone else, from the view rates it kind of guide me through my path and tells me if I am doing it right...

2015 is here.... I look forward to more interesting birds and I wish all the shama breeding friends a great year ahead ! 

Happy 2015 my friends on my Blog, my YouTube channel and my Facebook !!!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Recent trip to KL

As usual I seldom mix around in birds arena but I get a pleasent shock when I am in KL. Haha....! Yes a happy one ��

While I was in KL I pop by a nearby bird's arena as I was told there is a Shama competition on that day. Without much expectation I went there stand far behind near my car just to "look see look see"

 I spotted my friend Ah Yee from far but I did not move towards him as I don't feel comfortable moving around too much in a place where I am a total stranger. While I hesitate I saw some one pointing and telling him about me behind him. Someone which I do not know or maybe just coincidental that he happen to point my direction. Anyway my friend turn around and he saw me and call out my name at the same time. 

To my surprise many turn around also! They are all so friendly towards me I felt the warm welcome by them! They actually know me by my name but not my face ������...... 

When they approach they all said the same thing! Guess what? 

Most of them says : Ah ! I expect to see a old man Alan Pang you know? I am speechless.... I have to say not all shama keeper are old my dear friends! Haha... In Singapore we have many young and handsome fellow keeping Shama in style you know ? Haha...! 

Never mind, as suggested by one of my KL kaki. I am going to post some of my recent photo in here ok ! Haha...! Thanks for all the warm I recieve while in KL and many thanks to Ah Yee introduce even more friends to me ! 

My family...

Thank you my KL Kakis !

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Alan' Shama not that bad after all ....

Haha...! Whatever others say... Captive Bred first molt, take part in first competition, Champion! That's what all Shama keeper look for, to be able to play and challenge as young as possible... I did it ! Yes ! ! ! 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

I call him Angry Bird

This batch of chicks is something new and i do not know what to expect. Their father now 1st molt 9.2" mother also 1st molt 6.4" how long will they be in future is what me and my kakis keen to know.

To me so long they are living things there will be difference even if they come from same parent. We can only hope for the best and pray that they turn out to be what we imagined/guess the pairing could produce.

The other thing i want to bring up is;

Competition fairness to Long tail and Standard tail shama.

Although i am not into birds Competition but i do get lots of discussion about it as many of my kakis is into it.

I would like to suggest that maybe competition organiser could either put the two types of birds into two Category lets say Long vs Long, Standard vs Standard. Reason is both shama have similar body frame but different in tail lenght, for the same amount of body/rump muscle if put together with the same amount of duration to compete the one with almost double the tail lenght will never out last the standard tail lenght bird unless that Long tail shama is super bird or infact crazy. Haha...! And also some organiser now a days do give point to appearance, which in this way the Standard tail shama owner might feel the pinch even if the organiser says tail lenght does not affect their judgement.

What i am trying to say is that in general the Longer tail guy would need double the effort to flick its tail compared to his standard tail competitor. If disagree, one can always try it out themself at home by using his wrist power to flick a 5 feet broom stick vs flicking a cloths hanger bamboo you will know what i mean... Hee hee!

Or the other way to shorten the competing duration meeting half cause not every Competition we can have sufficient volume of birds to participate.

I hope that one day competition can be that way, which in general will also reduce many unnessary complain about the advantage or disadvantage be it Long genes or Standard genes.

Just my thoughts no offence...