Thursday, September 15, 2011

Shama competitions held in November

Lately i notice there might be 2-3 Shama Competitions coming up in November.

From my experience, or i should say my Shama. They tend to drop form near November as they prepare to molt around December or so... I am not sure if others is the same.

I recalled somewhere April there is a Competition helded but most of the birds has just finish molt and did not show their full potential. Just find it a waste as we could not see how the birds really can do if they are in top form. Most importantly, it shows that most of the local Shama started molting around November or December and complete around Febuary or march or so..

So, the point is... Competition in November is a good timing? Am i right about the molting season? Well, i hope friends who visits my blogs please share your views and hopefully at least we are able to get some local shama molting stats to share among kakis..

Thanks for reading Brossss!

"potato" flying to Indonesia soon on coming monday

The next few days i will spend more time with him before he move on for better life..

Although i know he is going to a much better home, still i felt a bit sad. He is one fellow that is very attach to me, but for today he is afriad of me cos i have to grab him a few times for the Vet to do a health check on him. Poor fellow, he got no idea whats going on..

Normally, most birds kept birds are very "detach" with their owner. For him, he is very difference. Not that close to me but he is always looking at me in a very difference manner no matter which corner of the house i go to and he will also pose when ever i go near to him, as if he is showing off or feel proud whenever i am near him. which i can't really describe that kind of body language... I would say he is a little afraid but at the same time he look forward to me. (Not due to food as he is one bird that is not greedy for live foods).

I hope he has a very short memory, so that he won't be depress : (

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gutsy Boy going into his second molt...

I hope it is second Molt in progress.
Kinda bad timing as my best molting "suite" AKA "toilet" in in use. Wahahaha...!
To me toilet is the best place in my house to molt birds as in there i can achieve max moisture.
Sigh... Lets see if other method works this time round : (

Friday, September 9, 2011

"slender" pic

He is Darfie's first clutch chick, Half way through his molt now.
Almost sold but decided to keep him instead. So far he is looking good, a lot more effort to put in for a perfect tail at the end of two months. Hope the weather stays cooling for as long as possible : )

Slender's progress 20-oct-2011

24-10-2011 pose


Monday, September 5, 2011

Zeppy and his younger brother from second clutch

Zeppy younger brother before molt.

Brother after molt.

Zeppy before molt.

Zeppy after molt.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Gutsy and Gutsy's taimong videos

Gutsy Boy has grown out of his kiddo mindset. More keen to challenge than play now a days.

Lately i have been quite busy. This picture and video is taken about 2 weeks ago. As can be seen that their primary tail is still even lenght the rest of the tail. Now their tail should have 4.5" or more. Maybe when i have more time i should catch one out to measure ! haha..!