Saturday, December 31, 2011

Shama for sale

Due to space constraint, I am letting go a few collections of mine.

1, Darfie, currently 8.5" soft curve tail which is the same as his 1st molt due to breeding but tail lenght will increase much more on the nx molt without breeding him.

2, Both his male chick now 9" soft curve tail 1st molt.

3, Gutsy's Chick also available when they finish molt.

4, Wild Boy's chick also available on completion of molt.

Interested Kakis can call me at 93827850.


P.S all will be priced above $2k and i do not have anything below that budget.

Happy New Year !

Wishing all the birds kakis a great year ahead !

Friday, December 30, 2011

Singapore Shama Club

Hey Hey,

For those who still do not know or wanna find out more about Shama keeping please visit : in there you will be able to find lots of info which you will never get in bird shops.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

AP 004 Courage test

We had a small gathering in DDS garden this evening, i did not bring any adult birds but three young ones. AP004, AP001 and slender. I do not know if 004 has finish his molt but i do know 001 has some more tail to grow. Yes, most people would say i am crazy to bring them out for chai session. hee hee.. ! please forgive me being too gan cheong.. i tend to bring birds which i am currently playing out rather then the ones that is suppose to be "ready" And i really want to know how they do under pressure :p

Below is two short video of him(AP004) playing softly, i hope he do much better at top form.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

White Crowned Shama

Today i went to hanzi bird shop today. There is two male WCS for sale. So WCS kakis quickly make your way there before its gone haha...! One of them which has brighter crown is kinda fluff up, not sure if it is due to stress or unwell. So please choose properly ya!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

New breeding season starting soon..

Last year is a pretty good year for me. But the result is still unknown as most of them is still in the midst of molt. I really hope they turn out well. The only two that complete molt and still with me is Darfie's chick Slender and his elder brother which i yet to name him, both turn out more then what i expect with 1st molt 9" soft curve tail. As for Machie's chick, there is only one that i get to see in chai tio and he has won a champion at bedok and 3rd at bishan night Competition. He is born in Jan 2011,young and doing well : )

This year i have Stallion which belongs to my friend that is bred by DDs. He has at least a 13" tail paired with Darfie's daughter. Next is a first molt 10" bird that i got from another hobbist also paired up witha long genes female of mine. Followed by Gutsy that i hope to pair him with either Pretty girl or another long genes female that my friend pass to me to breed with Gutsy. Well, which ever female reaches her top form 1st shall be the bride ! Haha..!

The rest i'll pair as i go if space allow ! : p Wish me luck !

Monday, December 5, 2011

13" shama for sale


Helping a friend to put up this ads. This bird has a 13" soft tail... keen pls email me at with your contact number please.. i'll ask him to contact you direct for price : )

07-12-2011 update
Just came back from Bishan, the pic below is of the same as above. Form shoot up and body tighten!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gutsy's Ap004 is looking good

This little boy shows great potential since 2 months old. I really like him a lot : ) the only thing i am waiting for is the tail lenght, i hope it goes beyond 9"  his video link :