Saturday, October 29, 2011

Shama trend and Captive bred Shama...

Lately in the shama community i notice some active movement on the ground...

First of all, a new Shama Club has form and i heard news that around Jan 2012 there might be a Competition held in a hotel. hmmm... that means aircon!!! yeah!

Secondly, there are more people interested in captive bred shama compare to wild taimong. I refered some new shama kakis to bird shop as i do not have entry level shama which they prefer to buy within certain budget for trying out as new hobbist. but there are a couple of them who is very reluctant and said they rather pay slightly more for captive bred "not so desirable taimong " than wild taimong. Reason being captive bred shama "base standard" is already proven and it is a much better buy. From this, it goes to show Shama lover's mind set has change substantially over the last one year since i started. I still remember at that time most people said Wild shama is better than Captive Bred.

Thirdly, there are also more nearby country shama lover who came over just to look for good shama. It make me wonder, they have more forest than us why they come to us?  They should have much more shama back in their own country to choose from, no need to spend so much on a blind date for shamas right? Well, the answer i get is, it is really hard to find good shama back in their forest now a days. hmmmm....

Lastly, the highest record for captive bred female shama is sold at S$9000. Maybe it is time to invest in shama rather than gold huh? I notice in some ads that shama with tail of 7-8 inch is going at near a thousand dollars mark too!  This is getting more and more interesting : )

I some how feels that Singapore is slowly becoming the Top quality shama centre. Thanks to all the seniors who put in years of effort for this to be happening. I guess back then nobody would thought this is possible. From this i learn, somethings take might take longer time to see result but if you give up half way, you will never get to see how good it is going to turn out to be! At the same time it stir up some thoughts about being a responsible captive bred shama breeder, not to take the senoir's effort for granted...

As for me, i will be mindful to not destroy the Captive bred bloodline by anyhow cross breed.  I hope new shama hobbist breeder would also treasure the bloodline created by our senoir.

Thanks for reading ; )

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Saturday, October 22, 2011

molting process

This is one of gutsy's chick before molt. And! I don't know why i can't place the pic properly ! :(

The same chick finishing the body and started growing tails...

During the molting period, i will be more careful with their diet.. Always remind myself NOT to over do anything, for example i use to increase their Vits by a lot. Well, i think most of us made this mistake before as we "care" too much! But the out come actually not very good for my case. I don't know about other shama keepers, for my birds they are reluctant to eat the food after i increase their Vitamins... i guess it could be drastic change of taste that put them out. So poor appetite equals to lousy molt ! Now a days, i only increase by 10-15% for the Vitamins while paying close attenton to their appetite and increase lots of live fish and frog, i notice during this time they prefer them : )

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Taimongs for 2011

This year a have a total of 35 chicks. 24males, 10females, 1not sure yet.
Mainly from Gutsy(12), followed by Darfie(6), Wild boy(4), Machie(7), Lao dao(3), Punky head(2) and lastly Max(1).

Looking at the numbers it is indeed a happy year for me. How many would turn out to be good? This is the second phase of Shama breeding i guess... Lenghten your neck and wait.........! After 1st molt can see a little but not accurate as still very young. Second molt would be better but best is after third molt.

For me i can't wait that long. Maybe after every molt i will choose those most potential ones and keep narrowing down to 1 or 2..

For this year it is my rookie year! Hopfully in years to come i would have fixed some Blood lines which is stable in producing top quality Shamas .

Monday, October 10, 2011

Darfie's chick from 3rd clutch

At first he is always quiet just like his elder brother from earlier clutches.... "not so good" bird feeling...
But, hey hey !!! Look at him now! Only 12weeks old !

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Most beautiful female Shama i have seen so far!

Was at DDS house this morning when he bring out one of his female taimong for critic session : )
Yes, that is what he normally do with friends when we are there. He always welcome us to give him genuine comment on his Shamas.

For this 4.5 months female taimong, personally i got nothing to pick on at all! I can only wish i could slowly through years of efforts, i hope eventually i will be able to produce something like her or close to her. Enjoy! My Friends....

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Breeding season for Shama

Most Shama hobbist Breeders has ended their breeding season, i hope all of them has a successful season and got the ideal Shama taimong from their best pairs.. !

As for me, i have just ended the season too.. got many chicks but still a long way to catch up to the standard i have been shown. but for now i am consider lucky and happy with the result for now : )

Seriously, i now realise how difficult it is to breed long tailed Shama. Especially those you really look forward to breed from! i am saying just to breed them, haven't even think about going around to choose who to breed that is potential in producing , strong charactor, structure, soft tail and so on... : (  just breeding a long genes pair itself without expectation is already an up hill task! I wouldn't even say i am half way there, i wish i could do better. Well, it is a good learning period and a lots of mistake learn from this year.

Now i can really sit back during my free time and enjoy the progress of all the chicks. And to pay more attentions to all those breeding birds as they had drain themself out for this breeding season. So i must take note of the nutritious supplement that could to aid them in their recuperation. And a good molt with free flow buffet for their hard work ! :p

Well, it is a good learning period and a lots of mistake learn from this year. Hope next year i can achieve more, not in quantity but quality ! hee hee..!