Thursday, August 29, 2013

Blue first outing to Lim Chu Kang

His molt should have complete by now. Started to have a little bit of form but he is not use to being around human crowds and travelling around.

Although lazy but i have to bring him out for him to get use to it. While he is travelling in the van he sub song a bit which i am glad for first outing. When i reach the farm i actually expect to see a very stressful bird when i open cage cloth but he was actually doing pretty well unlike what i expected. He settle down within seconds and start singing as soon as he hear the nice melody from the wild, play cage and i can tell he is enjoying himself very much too!

Another thing i notice about him is that his stamina seems pretty good. He sings he play cage plus the first outing stress, all these did not make him open beak at all.

As i am very particular about character and display. Birds i choose if possible best would be birds that don't open beak easily. To me these birds don't perform very long and does not look good if they constantly open their beak and pant.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Putting some first moult shama for sale.

Selling them as "pet Quality" as they did not molt to their full potential and i can't possibly wait till second molt. So they will be sold as it is basis. Currently, their tail lenght is between about 9" to 10" therefore by third molt should be 11" or more. They are price at sgd $3000 onwards, kindly contact me at 93827850.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Blue Factor

I just name him today. He is now going through his second molt. The reason i call him blue is because he did not get much cod liver oil maybe just twice so far in two months but his head to tail has very nice blue shine. Many of us still confuse till today what is really needed or right to give to our birds during molt. I must say me too ! Haha..! I am just being honest :p

Blue is always in my kitchen toilet i can't really see his condition so far into molt but i can see and his soft curvey tail. Today i can't resist anymore i lure him out to have a short session of chai fun! Under a bit of sun shine i am like wow! Blue blue leh ! Haha..! So naming him is easy in this case !
I hope i get more of these quality in future wish me luck ya!

Thanks in advance!