Thursday, November 13, 2014

Recent trip to KL

As usual I seldom mix around in birds arena but I get a pleasent shock when I am in KL. Haha....! Yes a happy one 😊

While I was in KL I pop by a nearby bird's arena as I was told there is a Shama competition on that day. Without much expectation I went there stand far behind near my car just to "look see look see"

 I spotted my friend Ah Yee from far but I did not move towards him as I don't feel comfortable moving around too much in a place where I am a total stranger. While I hesitate I saw some one pointing and telling him about me behind him. Someone which I do not know or maybe just coincidental that he happen to point my direction. Anyway my friend turn around and he saw me and call out my name at the same time. 

To my surprise many turn around also! They are all so friendly towards me I felt the warm welcome by them! They actually know me by my name but not my face 😞😞😞...... 

When they approach they all said the same thing! Guess what? 

Most of them says : Ah ! I expect to see a old man Alan Pang you know? I am speechless.... I have to say not all shama keeper are old my dear friends! Haha... In Singapore we have many young and handsome fellow keeping Shama in style you know ? Haha...! 

Never mind, as suggested by one of my KL kaki. I am going to post some of my recent photo in here ok ! Haha...! Thanks for all the warm I recieve while in KL and many thanks to Ah Yee introduce even more friends to me ! 

My family...

Thank you my KL Kakis !