Monday, July 23, 2012

Son of Gutsy n Pretty Gal "Shadow"

I have been waiting for him to molt but till date only the body is half complete and tail still refuse to drop... Really can't wait to see how he turn out to be !

Saturday, July 14, 2012

White Rumped Shama-badboy

Badboy escape today! Luckily he is is afraid of height and U turn back into the house.. :p
Below is a video taken just after he is being lured into a bird cage.

Friday, July 6, 2012

White Rumped Shama- knight's chick 2

This is  the 1st male chick from Knight's 1st clutch for year 2012, this year my breeding result has not been very satifying for myself.

Firstly, i face many egg throwing issue mainly due to high tension bcos there more adult birds singing and challenging in my house now adays. Secondly, more infertile eggs also due to tension as the pair get too distracted or too engross in "challenge off" others in the house. And Third is, when you have so much birdie happening at home or your "breeding area" the next thing that will be greatly affected is the Molting Birds!

I am facing a weird problem which i did not encounter last year. That is most of my Taimong molted the body but it stop for a while before the tail drop and continue molting. Initially i thought it might be due to food/nutritions, lack of bath, deworming, or even genes etc... Let me explain one at a time so that some new Shama owner might benefit from this.
1, food n nutrition-
a, i rule out the possibility of lack of "food or nutrition" by judging the birds breast area, shine on coat, activity/behaviour and appitite. So if the bird is under fed, the breast are should be pointy instead of round, flat or you can say a "U"rather than a "V" shape.
b,The bird will look tired at all time, coat will be dull and dry also if lack of nutrition.

2, lack of bath-
I don't think it is lack of bath bcos my birds coat is moist and shiney.
a, For molting birds they need more bathing as the water helps to keep the feather moist and it also enable to feathers to emerge better as moisture help to soften the" shield".(looks like a straw tube) that is covering the feather before they emerge.
b, From my observation(i might be wrong) i feel that especially for their long tail. Insufficent moisture/ fish oil will cause the tail to be too dry to have a flat soft and shiny tail. For example if lacking, it will be dry and cause the tail to have a upward "u" curve or a wavey side  which result in a more stiff/uneven tail. Tail like this you can tell it is very dry from naked eye. You will need to combine both nutrition and bathing to try to achieve a good molt. PLUS! Room tempreture, moisture and ofcourse half cover the cage cloth as the cloth not only prevent your bird from seeing other and start challenge it also help to prevent constant strong wind blowing direct at them at will dry up the new moist feather to form a proper shape...

3, dewormng
Deworming a molting bird might sometime cause problem. But again i did not deworm the taimong from second clutch onwards and yet they are having the same problem.

No, not at all!
Why no, very simple i have many chicks from totally different parent but they are having the so call same "problem"..

Now, my answer to my problem which i think it is highest possibility is due to Tension in the house AGAIN! Yes i am proud that my Taimong can Chai at the age of four months old or so :p But it also means that they are not relax enough to go into full molt! From the video above, this four months old Taimong actually still on its taimong tail. Yes, the tail has yet to drop since the day it is out of the egg! Look at how agressive he is now, instead of being a happy go lucky young chap he is behaving like an adult chai-ing already. Good as in the character is very strong and it shows that their bloodline is very confident type. But bad in the way that in my house i will constantly be facing chick that form kicks in too fast till they are unable to go into a full molt peacefully. I hope my findings might be of help to anyone that is facing this similar problem and i guess the only way to solve it is to either create a quite room or for me bring my molting birds to somewhere else :'((((