Monday, January 28, 2013

Speculation of Breeders breeding with my female.

Hi to Everyone,

Yesterday i was told that someone "bought" a Shama Taimong at value of  S$1.2k
The breeder claimed that his male is 13" and female is from me. He also claimed that he and me is very close... selling his female bird at S$5k for 5" bird if i am not wrong.

I want to make it clear that there is only three very close friend of mine have my Long genes bloodline female(those that capable of producing 13" bird) and two others with first generation long genes females. Before that i did clear some normal tail wild bloodline to a breeder. Those are the birds i first tried breeding in my first year.

I do not or have not sell any of my thorough bred long genes to anyone yet. Maybe i will not after this issue arise...

If anyone come across such claim please feel free to clarify with me ( commiting to any deals. I hope no more innocents buyer get themself into something like that from now on.

Alan Pang

Thursday, January 17, 2013

What i am looking for in Shama breeding program

This is Howitzer.
He is born in early 2012,  he has a brother "Gunner" and a Sister. They are the only three bird from one of my breeding pair...since about three months old i know i got myself something good as to how good i can't be sure at that time. Now i know they are indeed pretty good!

In to the main topic, both Howitzer and Gunner has or comes near to the first crucial requirement of what i am looking for in Shama. The Character.

Character is very important when it comes to birds like Shama, Magpie, China thrush etc...
Only with strong character, the rest of the requirements will then fall into place.

For example Singing,
Many of us will know the birds sing much lesser or don't sing when there is no form. Some birds with with softer character won't put in their best effort to sing even when their form is there.  Whereas birds with strong character gain their form faster after moult and they will sing the whole day even more aggressive singing if being challenged by another bird.

With that kind of character in them, ofcourse they will be swift, bright and active. the highly driven testosterone bird will want to win the battle by displaying more action.

Although structure depends on genes but even if the bird's structure is not tip top with their activeness their muscle will all be tone up. It make the bird look slim and fit and coupled with the action of display, proud pose and behaviour it will cover most of his flaws..

So to me the Character should be the main important factor when it comes to choice of breeding stud. In years to come i hope i improve my bird quality a little bit each year starting from Howitzer and Gunner! hee hee....!