Friday, April 29, 2011

One on my free flying baby girl

I have yet to name her yet. She is Lao da's last batch daughter, it is a hard time bringing her up without her parents! Now it all happiness for me and her : )

Gusty boy molting progress

Gusty boy half way through his molt already, so far looking pretty good but still cross my finger for his tail conditions and lenght ..... hee hee !

How is wish to have good friends of Mr Jeffery Low, his friend will help him molt funkie at out door avairy just for a piece of prata ! Hahaha...!

Well, i have to depend on myself as i don't have great friend that love prata : )
Just playing it super safe, what i did was to place him in kitchen toilet so less disturbance. But i think that is kinda useless lor! Singapore HDB flats leh! what you want? haha... be it toilet or whichever corner of the house still same lah... ! They heard the calls only go crazy already :p

whatever lah... cant really choose quiet corners. But i like the toilet is becos i am able to create outdoor effects leh :p Hee hee... i wash the area down during the hottest point of the day so being toilet if you wash or wet often, it will stay moist and colling most of the time ! haha...! My own believe is to keep the area moist so that that feather will be easier to grow and not dry out just like wild boy : ( It seems to be working out this time round, if confirm this method works i will do the same for wild boy next molt!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Looking for ready Male with tail 12" and above

Hi friends,

I am looking for Long tail male now as i just bought a ready female with 1st molt of 6.5" . Sadly , my males are either attach or not ready.

So if any of you guys have any for sale or exchange do contact me at 93827850.

Thanks in advance : )

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Darfie's 1st cup but small :p

Hee Hee... ! A Small Cup..

Blur owner and Blur bird still can get something, must say it is really lucky!  I have no intention for competition, just thinking of bringing a bird to hang around on the side. Then it happen that my friend had a spare ticket and he says i can use it since i am bring bird there, so why not? lets have a feel of competition : ) So long as no expectation there will be no disappointment rite?.

So brought him along and keep my finger crossed! Cos deep in my heart i am actually more worried that Darfie might freak out as this is his 1st time out there fighting. He is less than a year old plus he is already stress enough trying to protect his wife and eggs at home.

Well, my worry becomes full of joy for me ! ( contented liao ! )  Although a small cup but being a breeding bird he still try his best to challenge and made it in 20th out off 95 birds. Phew ! Bo sia suay :p

Maybe next year i should stop his breeding and try competition instead. I hope he is able to made it in top ten.. hee hee..!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The last Four chicks Machie and Demure left for me...

I am very glad that their four chicks all hatch in incubator... i will do my best to bring them up well. Last round i had some prob with the humidity issue, seems that i got it right this time.. This four eggs is laid just before their new owner pick them(machie and Demure)  up to their new home.

I really miss them. They are the best parent at home, i hope they are well treated by their new owner.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Iodine deficiency in birds

Lately, i have loss a few valuable chicks in just a few days. I couldn't figure out the cause of it after the 1st chick died..  The number of death keep increasing till all 4 chicks is gone.. !

Now without any more incubated chicks to handfeed and running around for solutions! I think i have found the answer to it. But too Late rite?

Well, although very angry with my own lack of experience. I have to console myself that it is part and parcel of learning curve for me to prevent future loss of innocence chicks..

I will show the dead chick picture here to share with you guys so that it might help to prevent sad losses. Please take note of the throat area swelling.

The system is the small as describe: lethagic, difficulty with food intake, vomit and breathing difficulties.

From what i have learn from the web, this is swelling of thyroid glands.

Thyroid hyperplasia is an enlargement of the thyroid glands due to abnormal proliferation of the epithelial cells lining the follicles. The glands are located in the neck region. Thyroid hyperplasia has been observed in many species of birds, including pigeons, canaries, budgerigars, and wild birds. It is the most common disease of the thyroid gland in the budgerigar.
Several conditions associated with damage to the thyroid gland result in goiter. The most common is a dietary iodine deficiency. Substances called goitrogenic agents, which interfere with the normal production of thyroxine by the thyroid glands, may also result in the disease. Feeds containing goitrogenic agents include soybean, flax, rapeseed, kale, cabbage, broccoli, and turnips. Septicemic diseases with an acute onset may affect the thyroid glands causing inflammation and hyperplasia. Exposure to toxic levels of organosphosphates or chlorinated biphenols may also result in enlargement and hyperplasia of the glands.
An inadequate level of iodine in the diet leads to a lack of available iodine in the thyroid glands. Iodine is needed for the production of thyroxine. When low levels of thyroxine are in the bloodstream, the brain sends signals to the thyroid glands causing a proliferation of follicular epithelial cells. These cells are responsible for thyroxine production. Hyperplasia of the thyroid gland is a response to the body's need to produce more thyroxine. With sustained iodine deficiency, the signals continue to stimulate epithelial cell proliferation and produce thyroid enlargement.
Goitrogenic substances act by blocking the production of thyroxine, even though adequate levels of iodine are present. Clinical signs and lesions similar to those described for the iodine deficiency occur.
The clinical signs of thyroid hyperplasia are due to abnormal function of the thyroid glands and marked increase in gland size.
The signs associated with abnormal function of the glands are variable and include:
  1. Immune deficiency - the birds easily develop infections
  2. Depression and lethargy - the metabolic rate of the birds is decreased
  3. Abnormalities of the skin and feathers
  4. Reproductive problems - birds experience increased embryo mortality and decreased hatchability.
Clinical signs associated with enlargement of the glands result from mechanical pressure on neighboring body organs. These include
  1. Convulsions and sudden death - the glands put pressure on the heart and major vessels
  2. Vomiting, weight loss, and difficulty swallowing-blockage of the crop and esophagus so food cannot pass normally
  3. Respiratory abnormalities and loss of voice - obstruction of the trachea preventing normal passage of air.
  4. /ol> Recent findings suggest that clinical signs may not result from direct mechanical pressures. It is now suspected that excessive fluid secretions in the crop and lower intestine and accumulations in the lungs are responsible.
Gross lesions associated with thyroid hyperplasia include markedly enlarged glands which are brownish in color and possibly contain yellow granules. Large fluid- containing cysts may also be seen. In severe cases, birds will have grossly visible swelling in the neck.
The diagnosis of thyroid hyperplasia involves examining the history, clinical signs, and diet of the birds. On physical examination, palpation often reveals enlarged masses in the neck region. Blood thyroxine levels can be measured to determine if they are within the normal range. Necropsy of the bird allows direct visualization of the thyroid glands. The glands can be examined microscopically if doubt still exists.
In areas where iodine deficiency is known to exist or birds are fed goitrogenic substances, iodine supplementation is recommended. Providing one drop of dilute Lugol's solution in 1 oz. of fresh drinking water once a week is the suggested preventative.
Other diseases of the thyroid glands which need to be differentiated from hyperplasia and dysplasia include thyroid tumors and cysts.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Darfie singing with machie's sons

Been a while Darfie sing loud song ever since he is paired with Timid... Today seeing him so dull, i am little concern so  i bring him out to the kitchen to "stimulate" him a bit :p it take him quite some time to warm up before singing and it is not as good as he use to be. I think i better increase some of the vital Vit stuff!

On the other hand, Machie's baby seems pretty good for 8weeks old taimong. I hope they grow up with even stronger character.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wild Boy

I think Wild Boy has finally finish his molt. Its seems to me it exceed 11inch.(slightly longer than those stainless steel ruler)  Been looking at him almost the whole morning as i try to pair him with Pretty girl again.

This time round he seems alright with her but Pretty still very much afraid of him. To me this is not good as her body language might trigger the aggression in Wild Boy.

By evening i will decide whats best..

Friday, April 1, 2011

The difference between chicks

The baby on the right belongs to Darfie, hatch on 27-03-2011. Which is six days old today. On the left , Punkie 1st chick of his 3rd clutch. One day old today,the other egg i expect to hatch this evening or tmr. Look at their difference! wow...