Thursday, September 12, 2013

How words can mean the other round.

"No matter how much literature you read or how well you can write, nothing beats hand-on experience."

Lately, someone comment about this sentence of words i put on everywhere in my life. He said this sentence of words is arrogant or self centered or something to this meaning.

Actually i don't have(not comfortable) to explain this to anyone as i equally thinks that others should not make judgement on anyone base on how they interpret the meaning of this. Mutual respect should be applied regardless of any situations.

In order to prevent further misinterpration. I will review the story of how this sentence come to my life and it shall stay with me as it means a lot to me.

I did not recieve high education due to poverty at that time. My highest education is secondary one and this is constantly disturbing me whenever i need to write something especially when i try to describe certain thing but i just couldn't get the right words to express myself. Therefore often i have to make do with other words that is close to that meaning but still short of what i actually try to express or even at times it leads to different meaning.

Ever since i started this Blog, my frustration become even more intense. I would love to write in proper form, more informative and to use the proper words proper terms to clearer express the meaning. I envy those who can write very well with nice flows but i can't even though i try very hard. Only i myself can tell how disapointing and helpless it is when you are blind with words.

Many times i have to call and ask my wife Clara how to spell and which is the better or proper words to use and it is indeed frustrating for me. I still remember very clearly there is once i got so up sad that i literaly give up on myself as in writing anymore blog. I complain to her that i felt lousy about myself not being able to express myself properly. That night i did not sleep well, i sigh quite a bit too. (i think her sleep is disturb by me too) The next day afternoon i recieve a message from Clara

"No matter how much literature you read or how well you can write, nothing beats hand-on experience."

I call her immediately and ask : whats that? She told me: not everyone has strenght in every field. You might be weak in words you might not have high educations but you are a fast learner and you are good with your hands, you belongs to the hands on type of person and that is your strenght so i created this sentence just for you !

I must say i am touch with what she says, Her words of encouragement has enlighten me and to focus on what i do best and thrive rather than to cry over spilled milk. From then on i felt more balance mentally and happier ofcourse! This is why since then i place this sentence on almost every things i can key it in. And that is how this sentence is important to me and how it come about.

I sincerely hope that everbody think about things in a more open minded and kind manner. Please do not prejudge anything without finding out the actual facts as some times things can actually be so simple and harmless you might not know.

I post this is because i am sad to hear that my wife's kind encouragement words to me has been regarded as bad meaning. Therefore i think although this is not shama related but still i will post this up in my blog for good.

Thanks for reading!