Friday, July 19, 2013

About Birds Competition

Been sometime I enter my birds for Competition. When I just started I was quite keen in it but after some time I lost interest. Although many advise me that I should do so to test the quality of my birds. But i always tell them i have my own sets of measurement in my mind which is different from Competition standard.

Please don't get me wrong here... It is not that my birds are so great till I don't need to prove anything. I been to four or five competition before I take a break from it. From it I learn a lot I seen many great shamas I also see many problem and lots of healthy and unhealthy criticism too.

I will try to explain more in detail if my broken English allows me. So just read for fun ya! Don't think too much into it as i am just writing as thoughts flows.

After attending those few Competition what I learn most is what kind of birds has better chance to win which i feel it is quite different from what i prefer. From what what i see i realise that in Singapore our competition standard focus quite a fair bit on endurance. I am not saying it is wrong in anyways but having a different point of views.

If i am not wrong, the whole Competitions duration is about 2hours. I feel it is a bit too long in the sense that maybe the actual interesting performance from the birds is actually the first 45mins to an hour the rest of the timing is only meant to stand and sing.

Personally, i only enjoy active, swift n nice display and long melodies song type of shama. I prefer them to go around the cage flicking and flashing their tails plus some wings display at the same time. Not the stand singing type. What i meant by stand singer is flick tail once or twice sing two three notes and stay in one position all the time. This is no fun to watch for many of us but don't forget this are the the birds that is able to last for hours! Haha...! So for those birds that showed us wonderful display, swift cage play, stretching all muscle to give us the best posture and bursting at the top of their voice with beautiful songs would be drain out by then. Then how? How about the next one hour? Frankly, i do not think Shama is by nature create to show that kind of aggression in the wild for such prolonged hours. Did we extend the competition time for human satisfaction? Haha...

This could be one of the reason why I loss interest in competition because I do not think i have yet to own the Shama which I think is able to perform in their best for two hour throughout. Haha...!

So I can only choose to chai my birds at home just for my own weird standard and satisfaction for now. :p


  1. Hi Alan, relax and play the bird the way u like it is most important. U have great time enjoying them at your home and with friends.

  2. Hi Cyber,

    Thanks! I am doing it and enjoying it too .... Haha!